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Intersect Coworking and Incubator Apr 8, 2024 11:09:44 AM 10 min read

Fostering Innovation: A Recap of Intersect’s Quick Pitch Competition

Fostering Innovation: A Recap of Intersect’s Quick Pitch Competition

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, a few minutes can change the course of a startup's destiny. That's the exhilarating reality of quick pitch competitions, where budding entrepreneurs challenge themselves to distill their grand visions into a concise and compelling narrative. The Quick Pitch Competition at Intersect Coworking and Incubator embraced this spirit, inviting local visionaries to showcase their ideas. This blog post not only captures the essence of the competition but also delivers a front-row seat to the innovation that's brewing within our community.

A Launchpad for the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Nestled in the beating heart of entrepreneurial spirit, Intersect is more than just a space – it's a melting pot of ambitious creators and collaborators. The Quick Pitch Competition isn't just about winning; it's about refining your pitch, making invaluable connections, and receiving constructive feedback. With a mission to support the local startup ecosystem, the competition is a capstone of Intersect's commitment to nurturing the startups of tomorrow.

The Quick Pitch format

The Quick Pitch Competition invited innovators to present their business concepts in a short, snappy pitch. With strict time limits, contestants had to be both concise and persuasive. The judges looked for clarity, innovation, and the potential market impact. It's a high-pressure environment that simulates the real-world challenges of securing investment and attracting customers.

Unveiling the Winners of the Competition

Talent was in abundance and these four entrepreneurs stood out with their groundbreaking ideas and impeccable presentation skills. Here are their stories:

Jagger Plavel - Next Level Media

The Next Level Marketing & Promotions is a dynamic team of three pro's dedicated to propelling businesses to new heights of success. Specializing in digital marketing and brand development, they possess a wealth of expertise and a passion for innovation. With a client-centric approach, they tailor strategies to suit the unique needs of each business, aiming to enhance their online presence and drive growth. Committed to excellence, their team works tirelessly to deliver impactful results and exceed client expectations. Through collaboration and creativity, The Next Level Marketing & Productions is poised to lead businesses towards unparalleled success in today's competitive landscape. The team is made up of Jaylen, Sierra, and Jagger and based mostly out of West Point and Wayne as two of the founders are in school at WSC and Sierra is a recent grad of WSC. 


Dayci Luttrell 

Dayci pitched her idea for a mural and painting business. Dayci, who works with her mother - Unique Art by Jamie, is on a mission to revolutionize brand awareness through vibrant and captivating murals. With a keen eye for creativity and a passion for art, Dayci aims to transform businesses by leveraging murals as a powerful tool to establish a unique identity and attract visitors. As she expands her client base, Dayci envisions collaborating with businesses across various industries to infuse their spaces with bespoke murals that not only showcase their brand but also serve as a compelling reason for people to engage and visit. Through her innovative approach, Dayci seeks to leave a lasting impression on both clients and their communities, igniting a new wave of artistic expression and brand visibility.


Parker Clausen - Victory Venue

Parker Clausen's business pitch introduced a dynamic entertainment and sports complex aimed at invigorating Norfolk's growing community by providing a diverse range of activities and facilities. The proposed complex will feature golf and baseball simulators, basketball courts, and spaces for ping pong and pool, alongside areas for food and beverages, creating a multi-use venue that caters to athletes, families, and business professionals alike. With a business model that includes membership and activity fees, rentals, sponsorships, and partnerships with local businesses, the venture not only promises a new hub for community engagement but also positions itself as a catalyst for local economic growth.


Jaegher Ogden - Pop Shop

Jaegher, a WSC student, pitched a refreshing idea for Pop Shop, a drive-through fountain pop store. Pop Shop, a fresh and ambitious enterprise, is poised to revolutionize the beverage market starting from Norfolk, NE with aspirations to expand nationwide. The business model centers on offering premium fountain drinks from popular brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, enhanced with a variety of flavor shots such as vanilla and lemon. Their simple, efficient layout is inspired by small-scale establishments like Scooters Coffee, ensuring low building costs and effective land use. Pop Shop also introduces a membership card system to foster customer loyalty through rewards and incentives. 


Insights and Learnings

Success in the competition wasn't just about having a great product; it was about telling a great story. While each entrepreneur's path is unique, there are universal lessons for all startup enthusiasts:

Storytelling Sells

Behind every innovative idea is a compelling story. Investors and consumers connect with narratives that highlight the problem, the solution, and the passion driving the venture forward.

Know Your Audience

Understanding the demographics and interests of the audience is key. Tailoring the pitch to resonate with the judges’ background and preferences can be the difference between acceptance and rejection.

Practice Makes Perfect

A crisp, rehearsed pitch instills confidence in the audience. That polish doesn't come overnight – it comes from hours of refining and practicing the delivery.

Testimonials from Participants and Judges

The true measure of the competition's value comes from those who lived it. Here's a snapshot of what the experience meant to the participants:

​"The Quick Pitch Competition at Intersect was a great event! I enjoyed networking with other collegiate entrepreneurs and competing for the top prize. It was also great to hear feedback from the judges and learn how to further develop my business", shares Jagger Plavel. 

When asked what advice to share with other students and individuals who are thinking about starting their own business or participating in events like these, Parker Clausen shared:

"One piece of advice that I have to offer is to simply dive headfirst into the deep end. Don't hesitate to throw yourself and your ideas out there for others to see and hear. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your passion and creativity, knowing that every moment spent sharing your vision is a step towards your entrepreneurial dreams. 


Our judge panel was made up of three fantastic entrepreneurial supporters, Angie Stenger, Juan Sandoval, and Ryan Ruff. Without folks like these, our next wave of entrepreneurs would be lost. Beyond scoring the pitches,  the judges networked with students to provide real-time feedback and new ideas to implement in their business. Since the competition just a few weeks ago, one of the judges and participants have teamed up to further explore their ideas. This is the dream scenario we are always hoping for. 


Join us for the next round

With the inaugural Quick Pitch Competition a resounding success, we are already preparing for the next event. Look for details for Big Idea Norfolk coming this fall!

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned investor, or simply someone passionate about innovation, your participation and support are pivotal. Follow Intersect’s updates for future editions, and consider taking part or attending to witness the birth of the next big thing in our community.


The Quick Pitch Competition is proof positive of the abundance of talent and ingenuity that we already have here in Norfolk. It’s imperative that we foster and support these innovative ideas as they not only contribute to a thriving entrepreneurial scene but also hold the potential to solve real-world problems and drive economic growth. We are glad to provide a platform for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to connect, create, and catalyze change. At the core of it all, community support is the bedrock upon which these startups will build their success, and the Quick Pitch Competition is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting and fruitful journey for all involved.